Friday, January 13, 2017

Quality Clothespins made in the US
Superior Artisan Clothespins

Founded in 2016, The Clothespin Corner strives to give you the quality product you desire. Fashioned with locally sourced hardwood, stainless steel springs, and a keen eye to detail. Our  clothespins are created to last with distinction.

Designed to last a lifetime:

Our clothespins are designed to be longer and wider than a typical clothespin, to provide improved leverage and exceptional holding power. Each one is finished with a coat of tung oil, providing weather resistance without staining fabric. 

Durability you can trust:

Constructed from locally sourced ash wood which is tough enough to handle the most rigorous applications, while maintaining gorgeous wood grain to make each clothespin unique. Assembled by hand with care to provide the highest quality.

Stability and strength:

Our hearty, stainless steel spring (left) compared with a generic, store-bought spring (right). The tightly-wound coils allow for superior grasping power, while the thicker gauge wire prevents the clothespin halves from separating during normal use. 

Currently sold in many quantities with $4.50 flat rate shipping charge. Samples available below.


Samples for $2.50 here

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